Thursday, January 16, 2014

Workouts This Week

With a 15 K on the horizon, I am trying to maximize my run workouts when I get them. Last Sunday The Engineer and I ran 6 miles! We both had an awesome run…I ran slower than all my runs as of late, but given that I completed the 6 miles and felt great (relatively speaking at least, running never actually feels great) I was extremely happy!

We decided to drive out to the new Suncoast Parkway trail. It's been open for a while now but it still feels new to me, which is great because it stinks when your running routes get old. It was a beautiful sunny January afternoon with temps just below 70F. It reminded me of last year when I was running in 20F in NJ where it was grey and FREEZING. This was much better and I took some time to appreciate how lucky I am with all the changes in my life over the past year.

Monday I wanted to take my bike out but it looked like it was going to rain so I settled on the trainer. Buuuttt then my bike didn't fit in the trainer. Literally 2 millimeters off. g.r.u.m.p. I didn't want to force my bike in to the trainer and scratch it up or actually mess something up. I wasn't going to be defeated though. Instead I ventured over to our little apartment gym and rode the recumbent bike for an hour. I will forever complain about apartment and hotel gyms choosing recumbent bicycles over a regular old spin bike, but I’m still thankful they had something I could peddle on!

Monday I took myself to Davis Island to run 3.5 miles which I intended on running a little faster but alas my little leggies were tired! I still held a decent pace and skipped my strength for the evening. This week is a step back week and I want to make sure I don’t overdo it because next week has some serious (serious) miles for me! I felt a little guilty about going to DI without The Engineer because it is one of his favorite plane watching spots, but it was a fun change up for me.

Last night was supposed to be 30 minutes of cross training which I had planned for my arms. However, I ended up putting the canvas for this tent on all by myself (my co-worker got called to the field) and I was tired! That thing is heavier than it looks and it was all over my head. I felt that that was plenty of a workout for my back and arms. And I feel like I got my Super Woman on for the day. :)

The Engineer and I have been working on revamping an old cabinet we've had and we’re almost done! I’ll share that transformation soon!

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