Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I found some interesting tid-bits while browsing the interwebs recently. One that really sparked my interest was an article from CNN reporting that drinking coffee could reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Coffee could cut skin cancer risk - CNN

This mainly caught my eye because of the ridiculous number of times I put sunscreen on each day at work. My number one preventive motivator is to reduce the blazing tan lines I am destined for. The raccoon line around my eyes is already pretty intense, and though I try to wear shirts with different length sleeves each day, there is a line that is forming on my arms. I don't worry about the tan on the back of my neck too much because I cant see it. Though, I know that one is getting intense too. Note to self: make sure hair on wedding day covers back of neck! My second motivator is preventing a burn. Maybe my priorities are a little backwards, but they result in the same action.

I put sunscreen on 1-4 times per day, depending on how long I'm on the beach and whether or not the coast is completely covered by fog. It is pretty freaky when the fog rolls in because you can see it coming, and it is so intense.

Coming back to the article, I have heard and read many studies claiming positive and negative effects caused by coffee consumption, just never heard this one. I thought it was convenient that I more often than not (much more often than not) start my day with coffee at work, and more often than not (much more often than not) spend the majority of my day in the sun. If that morning coffee helps reduce my risk of skin cancer, then bring on the morning joe!

Another note on my morning coffee from work - we have a  Keurig coffee maker. We have had many types of  K-cups, and none (in my opinion) are that great. The Starbucks dark roast even forced me to put cream in my coffee which I never do anymore. And that's really unfortunate because Starbucks is my favorite coffee. Not that I'm complaining - its free. Just not something I would get for my own home. It makes the french press amazing on my time off :)

The other article I really thought was interesting was also from CNN and it reported that popcorn was a major source of polyphenols. Given my obsession with it...there is no need to explain why I fully support this claim that popcorn is a good source of some of the nutrients our body needs :)

Popcorn Rules

Ha! Win.

I am currently working on making some upgrades in the food department; mainly the transport of it so I can always have good eats no matter where on the job I am. Pretty excited about it.

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