Thursday, November 1, 2012

Daily Dones

I wrapped up my To Do list quite nicely the last few days.

My lasagna was yummy...just the way mom makes it :)

We had some early cool weather roll in. I took advantage by going on a run. in. the. middle. of. the. day. Crazy talk. Sadly my tummy did not agree with that mid day run, so it was quite brief. I still enjoyed the breeze and opened the house up.

 The open windows made me wash the sheets because nothing goes better with a fresh breeze than clean fluffy sheets. Mmmm <3 I think my favorite thing about fall is opening the house up and letting the breeze rush trough. Today I even used it to help me clean! I didn't move anything off the counters that might blow away, instead I left everything where it was when I opened the windows and decided that anything that moved needed to be put away anyway. It worked very well even though a few extra dust bunnies blew out from under furniture the day after I cleaned the floors :)

I also made The Jump.

This was a huge step for me in life. I had admired others who had taken it but was never quite sure if I could handle it. I thought I might make The Jump someday, but never seriously contemplated it. I didn't even consider it when I bought a new pair of shoes that would support this big step. And when I finally made The Jump, it wasn't until after that I realized that it was meant to be.

I made The Jump and bought my first pair of skinny jeans.

That just so happen to show off the new shoes that I bought and love. 

I am now lost in the world of save the dates for the wedding. I can't decide what style I want to go with there are just so many cute options out there! Must do more research!

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  1. I LOVE THE LASAGNA and the SKINNY JEANS... whoot whoot to yummmy food and good style!

    How are the save to dates coming?