Tuesday, December 11, 2012


There are some moments that are worth reliving. Sometimes being away from home is difficult, but there are also some great things about southern California life. I celebrated Thanksgiving with The Engineer early since I would be in Cali working for the real deal. We only worked a few hours in the morning doing the bare essentials and got the rest of the day off and had a big meal catered for us mid afternoon. Since I was off early (read - during daylight hours) I went for a run on the beach, something I haven't been able to do since the time changed making it dark when I get off work. Before I walked over to Thanksgiving dinner I took a stroll to the cliff to enjoy the beautiful day :)
And a panoramic picture to sum it all up. Despite the way the picture makes it look, the cliff is pretty straight. 
So pretty. Another thing that was awesome when I returned from time off was Christmas lights in my complex! Made me super happy :)
One common occurrence on the beach is photo sessions. Typically families or couples. When I could run on the beach each night I would easily see 3-4 professional photographers capturing a period in time in someones life. I'm guessing the one below was an engagement session or something similar given the heart they made with the kelp on the beach. Creative, I like it.

Also captured that night, the Liberty Island (the dredge that is currently paying my bills ;-)) digging at sunset in the borrow area visible from my kitchen. 
Final thought: carnivore dinner with co workers. 
Yea, they were awesome. 

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